Q1: Can you take a commission?
Yes, We can take the commission about cosplay costumes. you can contact us directly via email (mail@cosplaylegend.com).

We need character name and detailed picture for making. we will give you quote and an estimated delivery time after we receive your commission request.

Q2: How to place order?
It is very simple to purchase your favorite dress online. You can place the order with no registration. But we highly recommend you create a registered account before you place the order.  

1. If you are brand new to our website, we suggest you create an account before you place the order, and then log in to place the order, then you can check your order status and history. 

2. You can also place order without registration, as a tourist. after we ship the costume, we will inform you the tracking number via email, and inform you the tracking website.

Q3: What measurement do you need for custom made?
1.gender 2.height 3.chest size 4.waist size 5.hip size
sometimes, we need more sizes, such as bicep size, thigh size, calf size for some styles. we will contact you via email.

Q4:Do you offer tracking number?
yes, after we ship it, we will update the tracking number in our website, you can check your order status.

Q5:Why i need to pay tax?
Some country may charge custom taxes for the purchase from other countries. Please kindly note that buyer should be responsible for Custom Tax of his country, thanks for your understanding.

Q6: How to pay my order?
We accept Paypal and Western Union,bank transfer, please contact us if you would like to pay in other methods. Signing up for a PayPal account is easy and free, and takes just a few minutes to complete. Once you complete, you can send your payment in minutes. If you would like to pay via western union and bank transfer, you can contact us via email. we will show you how to complete the procedure.